Singing to Sing, 20Jan – #341



Singing to Sing, 20Jan

Sitting on the train to the city this morning, I had the MOST amazing conversation!!! God sends angels everywhere and wow does it make you shine and smile when you realize God directly sent someone to tell you something!!

A well dressed young gentleman started our conversation, asking me where I was going, said he forgot his phone and was actually grateful because he could just ride and absorb the sights and sounds of the commute that day.  As an industrial artist, a vice president of technology, he loves his job, loves interacting with people… He loves my hometown, which he has visited… Loved that I was taking the day off to go visit my friends, no plans made but a trip to just ENJOY… Loved how I love my job and talked about how what we bring to work, those extra skills of ourselves we can share, they change us and we discover who we truly are… (And sometimes when things don’t work it’s time to move on)…

Then he told me how freeing it was to be an artist without worrying about it… And used the example of when he was in my hometown… They were walking the trails and four women randomly asked him and his mom if they could sing a song for them… so they sang an Irish acapella song… it was beautiful… And then his mom sang something back for them… He told me that if I sing then I must be a singer…. Yeah, I smiled – there was NO WAY he knew about my recent new temp gig as a singer – and wow my heart felt so warm, oh I shined as he spoke from his heart about how one should just enjoy and live without worrying, sing to sing… He spoke that art is truly for art, for us to discover ourselves… Yeah…. I then had to tell him about what has recently happened to me – about how I was NOT a singer, but that I am now singing!!! …and am truly floored that I am – that I am not sure how I got here, but that God placed me and moved me and grew me this year… and I had the EXACT same conversation over and over to “just go with it, don’t question, just let it happen…”

Yeah, God is SO in control, so knowing what I need to hear when I need to hear it – even on a train…

God knows… Thanks God for your angels, for your pep talks…

Thanks God for thinking of me… For using ME in YOUR plan!


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