Love Beeing the Bee, 22MAY – #402



Love Beeing the Bee, 22MAY

I LOVE this book “Accidental Saints”… The author is honest and real… I especially love that my friend lent me the book because it reminded him of my writing… Of my story of “OH!!! so God is telling me that THIS is what I am doing now…”

Whatever your spiritual calling (if you know it or not), I hope you can appreciate that keeping your ears open to what moves you is how best to learn about yourself and your path in life. I ALWAYS knew we were put on earth to make things better… I am blessed to work to that end – or at least try to.

The whole book is moving, but this passage made me smile in agreement… “But sometimes Jesus just hunts your ass down and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

And of course I appreciate  the section about the bees… see my name Deborah in Hebrew means “bee” and you all know I am as busy as a bee…. Bees, are bee-ing God’s servants – making the wax for the candles that shed the LIGHT – oh that made me smile – I never thought about that… What a privilege it is to be a bee… to bee God’s servant and shed the LIGHT… (and fun too, especially since Vacation Bible School theme this year is Following the LIGHT of Jesus)…

Thanks for letting me share… 
LOVE to your all…

401 bee.PNG

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