Rain buckets, 17July – #415



Rain buckets, 17July

It’s rare that I wake up to write these days, after VBS I will try to reopen old editing on my “to do list”…. But during VBS it’s NOT seemingly on God’s “to do list” – because He seems to like fresh thoughts of old blessings…. It’s like re-playing bible stories for the little kids at VBS and all of a sudden the stories touch your heart in a fresh way too!!! And it’s quite STILL STILLING for me to be touched by the Word of God. I think when we aren’t moved enough to become stilled by HIS Word, we best to listen more…. Better to quiet one’s own self to hear those whispers…

At VBS we scatter seeds of God’s LOVE – both deliberate planting of big seeds and as many haphazardly thrown tiny seeds of faith… Mustard seeds – remember the tiniest seeds can grow the mightiest faith! Matthew (13:31–32), Mark (4:30–32), and Luke (13:18–19)

At VBS we have bible messages scattered about in every which way, with joyous splashes of unashamed faithful fluorescent colors placed for whenever God needs to catch someone’s eye with scripture, and grow those God-given words planted into people’s hearts.   Awakening to the notions of HOPE COURAGE DIRECTION LOVE AND POWER, all brought to you by JESUS living inside of HIS CHILDREN, yes, inside of YOU….

We remind the children and the adults that “YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD”, that we are all growing in this  – but maturing for the next. For surely my and your eyes need to catch those catch phrases now and then too… And we need to ask for the Lord to replenish the nourishing LIVING water in our hearts too. “Here’s my cup Lord, fill it up”

Seeds, floods, rain barrels… God floods us with HIS desire that we follow HIM… and we have to remember to stock up on sustaining water for growth – do we need to save it (???) well actually we need to SHARE IT…. because hiding and hording LIVING water is not the plan – stagnant water is no longer LIVING… Sharing LIVING water also nourishes us because when we know the original source, we can reach out to God to fill us up more… We have been flooded with blessings – we can tap into a flood of God’s WORD – and we can store our blessings up in rain barrels of faith to serve.

BE STILL… Remember to still your soul, and remember to drink in your faith, shine the light that was shined to and thru you and grow that seed of Jesus so lovingly planted in your heart by God, netting even more seeds once your matured faith blossoms – and brings forth a new crop of seeds too share – some seeds for planting deliberately and some for planting seemingly haphazardly, like mustard seeds….

Give back to God by meeting HIS children where they are, and spreading HIS seeds of faith in the hearts of ALL God’s children….

GOD BLESS VBS volunteers and all of you for sharing your LIVING SPIRIT.


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