Diamonds and Bismuth, 18JUL – #416


bismuth 416.PNG416

Diamonds and Bismuth, 18JUL

Hit my head on the car last night, but apparently my mini goose egg flooded me with VBS ideas… And so I woke up to have to write them out… just like we wrapped cardboard tubes with paper, we could use leftover tablecloths to wrap cardboard boxes – or shiny  black plastic bags – to make blocks of coal… And label them, with this classic line: 
“Feeling pressured? You ALSO are being made into a diamond by God!” …

yup that’s what Pre-VBS week is going to be like!!

And bismuth, it’s one if my favorite crystal structures since I was a kid… It’s SO intricate and cool and has that mystifying set of the colors of a rainbow….. 
Bismuth is naturally tantalizing, the rainbow colors together are like VBS in its intricacies coming together… Beauty as seen when one looks at visible light that is split – rainbow colors! – and we know that the promise of the rainbow – that God takes care of us – this PROMISE was fulfilled in the LIGHT of the world – born as a BABY on Christmas day… A Prince of PEACE… Jesus is the promise – Jesus saves us for eternal living with our Lord…

We are like mini rainbows inside, missing a few wavelengths sometimes, blocked by life and our circumstances, but we reach out to the pure LIGHT of Jesus to complete us and shine in us and make us WHOLE… We long to shine HIM thru us!

With child-like wonder at VBS time we reach out together as rainbows of color coming together to SHARE THE LIGHT!!!

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