Prayer for LIGHT, 21Jul – #417



Prayer for LIGHT, 21Jul

This is a photo of a beautiful prayer about Jesus being the LIGHT, I “randomly” came across it today in this wonderful book, Accidental Saints, that my friend lent me… as my bookmark was placed here, at a prayer for LIGHT, the theme for VBS, yeah it’s not random….
We are the servants, the bees, making the wax to grow the candle, to let the LIGHT shine brighter, longer, cleaner, sweeter, and for all to see….

LIGHT, that’s what it is all about… Shine the LIGHT of Jesus thru you…. Clean out the corners of your heart, come clean…shine…

Jesus came into the world not to condemn it but to save it… to save me… to save you… We are to ask God to forgive our transgressions from today and from forever. No temptation is more powerful compared to the great power of God to help you resist it… God won’t allow us to be tempted more than we can bear… I know this, but still I ask God to go light on me… and I realize he already did… go LIGHT on me… WOW, God already went to Jesus to be our Savior, our saving grace, our LIGHT! . God sent Jesus to advocate for us and to heal us. He’s the one who’s going to remove our stumbling transgressions…. He will LIGHT-en our load, LIGHT our path…
Jesus is the way the truth and the life… John 14:6




417 light.PNG

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