Puzzlemaster Jesus – #601



Puzzlemaster Jesus, 02Sep/13Oct

Life is being pieced together in front of our eyes… PEACE pieces are being placed… We are the puzzling people Jesus came to save.

Loose pieces butt up against other loose pieces, so we can talk it out with different people and get an appreciation of the other side of the box…

Jesus came to collect those loose pieces (us) and funnel them thru Himself – He knows where you fit – Jesus will glue you in – Jesus will clue you in too.

We are puzzling people! Each of us a puzzle ourselves within the larger plan. Jesus is sorting thru the loose pieces in our hearts with God’s plan in mind. Likewise, we are being set next to other puzzling people in varying stages of progress. When we see others with similar and harder challenges, this gives us courage and perspective to keep sorting thru our internal issues to serve Him better. He knows how to fit you – Jesus will be your glue.

Look to reflect in Jesus as a finished person, a model of perfected love, and see where you may have put a priority out of place. Be accepting of giving up pieces of your life that you tried to hold onto but were not yours to keep. Jesus will justify it all.

Likewise reflect on His instructions and make room for the pieces of the picture you may have missed.  Be accepting of pieces you never knew were for you… Grow… Practice peace at whatever stage of togetherness you are…

Be pieces of Jesus’s PEACE. Help others find their pieces, show them what you know of the box, and especially show them Jesus shining thru the incomplete puzzle of you too.

Be still and let God’s Hand find you without scurrying away. He needs to move your piece into place.

Be at peace amongst all God’s pieces..


601 puzzle.PNG

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