What is God saying to me?, 17-18FEB – #641



What is God saying to me?, 17-18FEB

A new friend suggested that I pray and write down what God is trying to tell me.

I’m so very appreciative of the new friends that God drops into my life as we all walk in our faith…

I’m so appreciative also of the old friends who are so amazing and fill my heart with JOY.

I’m so appreciative of the Lord…

After reading his advice, the first part flooded my brain during the hour and a half car ride home (a gift of processing that kept me awake in changing weather conditions after a long day with reduced sleep)… as soon as I got home I jotted down brainstorm on actual paper… and then let myself collapse in sleep… part 1 was backlog of what I thought the Lord wanted to say…

The second part was written from deliberate prayer after solid sleep… of what the Lord (hopefully) wanted me to write…. one big take home message that I can give you when speaking with the Lord is to take the time for listening too – and it’s good to get yourself into a position and state to actually hear – for me that is getting time for solid sleep – so that I can wake to think – that’s my daily gift of peace for processing…. rest – Listen – hear – think – Love…

I’m going to write out part 1 later from those notes, but that’s later – it’s meaty stuff for sure – but here’s Part 2 – that’s MORE important to share with You!

What is God saying to me?, Part 2 – while praying:


Don’t sweat the small stuff…

Don’t rush.


Don’t act, worry, rush, write, conclude, when you haven’t taken enough time to pray on things… you need rest.. You will do all these things when you haven’t prayed either – and I do love you regardless.

If you wait and watch, I often will show you that I’ve got better plans…

Count your blessings.

I am bigger than all your issues and bigger than the worse things of everyone’s lives

I am bigger than all the world and YES, I hold the world in not JUST My hands but in My Heart.


Be brave.

Be at peace.

I’ve never been distant from you – you already knew that – tell your friends who feel distant from me that I’m right here – not over there but here within them. Tell the world that I am so close that all they have to do is close the circuit and pray. Life without prayer is an open circuit in each of you – bring your hands together- bring your heart and head together and pray and feel connected with the flow of energy thru you – this prayer is for both you and for you being the rechargeable battery in My world – go share your energy – recharge – keep sharing – keep praying – keep using MY energy for MY people.

Yes, this is about Me, Your Lord, because I am ALL – and therefore I am ALL about you too…

It’s good for people to see Me in and thru you, it’s more important that they know the source – keep giving Me credit…

You weren’t always a Jesus junkie, like now you are.  You don’t have to be shy about that, but just don’t freak My people out – they are on their own timelines just like you are… keep walking with them as they are walking with you… keep being the cog in the turning of the world – it’s My world and I love each and every one of you. I ache for the world, but I don’t stop loving the world…

You held your hands on cold 911 steel in Feb 2015, praying for 3000 people to have found me that day, they did.  You prayed to be like Peter and touch 3000 lives – keep praying – you set that goal because of My love – you will achieve that goal not alone – because you don’t speak of my love from you – you speak it from me – and Love is giving and shown and life-changing when shared in concert with others because WE together are a NET of LOVE, not a hook of LOVE but a NET…. BUT don’t take any of your time counting to 3000, because I am the one doing the counting, I am good at that.  You just keep loving… You have seeds of faith to plant, you know where to get more. Keep loving. Keep listening. Keep going…

You want to share this amazing feeling of Love that comes from me – I am LOVE!

You are, you can, you will…    Just be

Yes, it is because of Me that you want to share LOVE because I am the Love you want to share – Yes, that is the point – Yes, I AM the LOVE.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t clog the conduits of LOVE ACTION PRAYER with distractions.

Don’t hide the grief from the world but don’t clog the conduits of JOY. JOY, LOVE, HOPE – they need to win over it all – don’t stop fighting for LOVE to WIN.

You read the end of the book, remember that I wrote it and I have it handled – for sure your prayers will make a difference… your devotion to the Word adds words, adds love, adds more… so much love that I am scribbling down the sides…. Keep writing LOVE…

Jesus already has His orders for the end of the world, but He is NOT simply sitting on a cloud just waiting!!! No! And neither should you!!!  You are to be like Jesus and stay out in the world working the net, sewing the net, handing ropes to the next person in this NET and TOGETHER WE WILL WORK THE NET that We are…

See, JESUS IS SEATED ON MY RIGHT HAND, but is MY Right Hand keeping silently still???? NO!! My Hand is moving, can you even imagine how active We are? Jesus threads the NET thru each person’s heart with the gifted security of a Savior. I move thru Spirit to move you. You now have a glimpse of how I work, I have always had it all in My sight.

JESUS is working with the Holy Spirit flowing through the world – the same is true for you – you need to be working too… You are held in my heart, and you gave been committed by Me to be flowing through the world like My blood flows thru My heart – directed thru My Arteries and Veins out into the world and back – you are touching My world because I want you there…

I AM in you and you are in Me.








I will tell them too.

PEACE is for them, PEACE is for you

Peace thru LOVE

Go be you

Go be Love, My Love

Go Be You

Go BEE You

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