Biblical Judge Deborah, 20FEB – #642



Biblical Judge Deborah, 20FEB

A friend sent me this nice description of Deborah in the bible and a podcast study on Deborah – from the book of Judges. Now, I was not named after Saint Deborah – I was named after movie star Debbie Reynolds – LOL – yeah I really was… my brother’s name is Eddie, named after our grandfather and so when I was born it was cute – Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds – yeah – I am the mother to Princess Leia Carrie Fisher too – “May the force be with you”!

An excerpt from the bible study:

“as someone who faithfully and humbly served God in a time when the days were evil. There is much we as women can learn about how to navigate our days from this “mother in Israel.” …her humility and courage and devotion to her God and His purposes, to the people of God, and how rather than grasping for power and control herself, she instead honed all of her self (her gifts, her intellect, her will) to serve the leaders that God had called to lead Israel in that time period. She continues to be a mother to us even today through the pages of Scripture and call us to humbly do the same in our generation!”

And this is a short summary from what I heard: Deborah was bold and she spoke to Barak a message to inspire him: ‘this is the day the Lord has given – it is already done – the Lord has already gone out before you’… that is a message for us today as well: to fight sin and evil in the world we have the best, we have God! God has given us  His presence – and His victory is already won – we can proclaim the GOOD NEWS with boldness because God has already won…  and that we have to ask the question: “Do we submit to God now and work for Him?”

Deborah also has a song celebrating God’s work in His people….  He was the one who did all the work – give all the credit to God.

“So may all your enemies perish, Lord!   But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.”

No enemy can stand against God – but we don’t wait passively – we work actively like Deborah – with humility – be submitted and be committed to faithfully speaking His Word…

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