Crossing, 15APR – #674



Crossing, 15APR

Crossing – actively moving forward.

A cross in math multiplies.

Jesus’s Cross multiplies the LOVE and we cross into eternal peace.

A cross in the road is a meeting point.

Jesus’s Cross is where we meet His Love spilled out for us.

A cross-stitch is a strong stitch to hold fabric together.

Jesus’s Cross stitched together the people under the old broken covenant and brought in the time of the New Covenant.

A crossing over forbidden lines expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden.

Jesus’s Cross re-vines all of us to Him and the gentle hands of the Vinedresser can reach us directly.

A crossing guard watches and protects and tells us when to cross the road.

Jesus’s Cross reveals His road for us to follow and He guards our Crossing Home.

A cross-weave holds cloth together.

Jesus’s Death on the Cross tore the veil in the temple of the thickest cloth, opening up a direct connection between us and Our Lord.

A cross-Word puzzle causes us to seek and understand the meaning of many clues.

Jesus’s Cross was the clue that we might find the answers to life’s many puzzles and problems IN His Word, the Bible!

Our cross is for bearing and our road is for walking, our path is following His and our life is for losing.

Jesus’s Cross brings His Gain of our lives lived for Him, gaining His life into us to make us WHOLE.

A Cross for Jesus was for His Body to be BROKEN.

Jesus’s Death on the Cross was for His Body to be SHARED.

JESUS is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus is the beginning and ultimate end, the Alpha and Omega, the One Who came among us. Jesus is the Word made flesh.

“For the Word of the Cross is Folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the Power of God.”

Crossing – actively moving forward.

Jesus’s Crossing – the Power of God to Save.


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