Music Spirit Singing, 09APR – #673



Music Spirit Singing, 09APR

Nothing more wonderful than music…

Think about it, sing and life is better.

Allow your mind to rest in music or get fired up thru music. A spirited tune, a musical interlude, or dark deep soul shaking music – it’s all about soul soothing.

It is all about God giving you mental floss to stream thru your head and knock out the nastiness of life.

When ears crack open and music slips in it is like water flowing and making the Grand Canyon, cutting thru canyons, music will wind its way and wear down the rough patches. Slow music like water pools ponding will form and encourage organic growth of thoughts.  Fast music will become raging rapids of excitement and the sound will blot out the boring mundane madness of life.

When God personally cracked open my ears with music, He could get a better handhold to twist my head on better and I could better hear His tune.

When I sat in a crowd, with friends all jibber-jabbering, I heard the music man that seemingly no one was paying attention to – but I was – why? Why did the spirit feed those music stanzas as mental floss thru my ears then slide me a few stanzas away from my static and a lot closer to my joy? Why?

When I bump into “random” strangers, music connects us into friends, music becomes a conversation, music continues to give context to closeness… music makes the message more melodious. Smiles in singing.

My Lord, He is singing Holy Spirit melodies as He reads the Word as lyrics.

God is our conductor – His hands in motion making the world His joy – thunderous or whispering, His voice rings out in Love. Pray to hear Him.

Jesus is the Word made flesh, the bible built into a breathing living body, ready to teach, heal, save, to Love. The Word made into music is the spirit singing. Pray to catch His tune.

The Holy Spirit swirling around the musical stanzas picks up the tune. Carries the Word thru the World to all places near and far. Moving us, making music out of the Message. The Spirit as music is God’s vehicle for change. Pray to harmonize with Him.

The Word to us is a song of the Spirit.

Music mollifies the madness of the World. Music molds the Man.

Music can be mindful and moving.

Sing for your mood.

Sing for Joy

Sing for Hope

Sing for Comfort

Sing for Peace.

Sing for LOVE

Sing for God’s Sake

Sing the Word for the Word

Sing for EVER


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