Easter Monday – Time to Move, 22APR – #680



Easter Monday – Time to Move, 22APR

Is it still Easter on Easter Monday? What am I doing thinking about Easter yesterday when I need to get back to a work mindset today? I am doing what the disciples were called to do – moving into my Monday as an Easter Monday like I should EVERY MONDAY – like everyday – knowing THAT CHRIST IS STILL RISEN.

It is Easter Monday, the stone did NOT roll back to reset itself for next year.

The Good News did not turn into Old News.

Jesus didn’t wait to read about His return in the papers.

The office water cooler didn’t replace the living water giver.

Jesus, Himself, was on the move to Emmaus and Galilee – thru Jerusalem and everywhere…

Jesus was planning His trips, His time, for He had another short window of earthly ministry before His Ascension 40 days later.

Jesus was on the move.

Jesus was already aware of God’s intention to send the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Jesus was on the move…

Jesus is still on the move today….

Our Easter rituals fade, but our faith can be flamed… Easter candy is still there – the Ham is leftover in the fridge – so why are we thinking of Easter as yesterday’s event?

Easter is a lifestyle not a day.

Easter is a frame of mind – not a circle on the calendar.

Easter is moving as fast or as slow as that stone rolled – Easter still needs to be rolled out to endless people who have never even heard of Jesus.

Fanning the flames of Pentecost might be the best next and forever event to prepare for.

What about the Disciples? How long did it take them to get to Galilee? Was the quickest bus available? Did they hop a helicopter or tell the Uber camel driver to race there? How? how quick could they get there? – NOT QUICK ENOUGH is what I am sure they were thinking…  How easy was it to get to Galilee? Were the Roman’s on their heels? How about the Pharisee-paparazzi? Did they get ready to snap photos of the possible hideouts of these companions of Jesus? Was there a spike in the Emmaus Twitter-feed of Jesus sightings?

What was running thru the disciples minds? How would they get there and what will they find? RUN – how could they NOT run…

US – are we ready for Easter Monday? Do we still need desire and feel Easter? Have we taken time to walk the cross steps but stopped just short of the tomb? Do we know that Christ really did exist and live and die and rise? Are we scattered too trying to find our selves again? Rushing to Galilee or hesitant to go there… Are we a doubting Thomas? Can we tell others that HE DID THIS ALL FOR US?!!!!!!!!!!! Are we ready to step out in faith NOT for ourselves but for all those who have yet to hear? Maybe we should start with the Christmas story as a prologue,  but we should start speaking out…

Easter Monday – we are on the move – we need to be Easter movers and shakers because we already know the end of the book – and we don’t have to hide like those disciples – we may be ridiculed, tired, unsure – but we don’t have to hide – not hide out for 3 days or for our lives – we do not have to fear the Romans – we do not even have one single camera following us to see if we are hiding out….

Easter Sunday, at most, we had Grandma’s ENTHUSIASTIC camera wanting to take a photo of us in our Easter Sunday best! – what is going to be our Easter Monday best today?

Our Easter Monday best is BEING and LIVING as the Easter Monday Christians that Jesus needs us to be – being bold and re-telling the GOOD NEWS – being appreciative of a Savior and being aware of our humanness…  and knowing the Godly healing of our own gaps and cracks…

Being Saved – our Easter Monday is all about BEING SAVED – not a boast but a calling – not a cry but a boldness – not a loss but a gain.

We are still saved on Easter Monday – GO TELL SOMEONE!



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