Checking the Openings from the Closure, 23APR – #681



Checking the Openings from the Closure, 23APR

Last year’s Easter blog is still so true and yes, that redirection of Living Water is intentional healing…

I have to thank all of you and many  friends, whom God put in my line of sight as helpers to my healing… comfort to comfort others… thank you folks, thank you!

I can feel those healing rehydrating ways of the Lord… more and more I can start to unfold and unfurl the beautiful crazy that God allows me to be…  Seems just like we forget about the cold winter, now that it is spring…, likewise we forget to thank the Lord for His healing after we are back on our feet… I forget all the time the “many dangers, toils and snares” I have already come thru… and terribly sometimes I reopen my own wounds, that God closed (that’s the devil of doubt creeping in), but  God says No reopening… His closure was purposeful to re-open me in HIS pathways… He took my mountains and made them His molehills… my tears, His hydration… my pause, my praise… if we forget to praise, those rocks will cry out…

Thank You Lord. Thank You.


Closure to Open, 29MAR – #541

a Holy Thursday Reflection

A counselor once told me: “You need closure, so that you can open up fully…”

I thought that was an interesting juxtaposition of terms – of closing to be open…

I’ve been praying on that irony… and I understand. To close wounds allows us to redirect our energy, our purpose, our hope. God heals and we help by allowing Him to do His work.

The Living Water of Jesus was purposefully directed to us, His flow allows us to LIVE.

A rose waiting to bloom is ready to open, but not until directed cues cause the water to enter the petals, the cells to expand, and a bloom form for the eye to behold…. see, feel, smell the sweet aroma of life.

Can you see your heart like a rose ready to bloom? God holds your heart petals together. Can you see how the closures of leaks would not remove the water that may have leaked out thru the tears but redirects the water into hydrating flow that will grow you? He will bloom you. He makes all things beautiful…

“You need closure, to open fully…”

Jesus thru His death and resurrection brings back the sweet aroma of life, today, everyday, evermore. Back to the Garden… Easter is the opening, the redirection of His Spirit for our future to be realized in the present. God wants to be known!!!. He blooms new life into us because of closure of Jesus’s short earthly form. The flow of Living Water now available for all.

“You need closure, to open fully…”

Closure is a process none of us takes lightly, nor can we try to force it… Any time we need closure, remember that it’s because Loving God wants redirecting of His Life in and thru you… to open you… to bloom… to bear fruit…. to LIVE… to LIVE now… to LIVE again…


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