Stay Out of the Pits, VBS Sheep Get the Green Flag, 19JUL – #713



Stay Out of the Pits, VBS Sheep Get the Green Flag, 19JUL

OH, the VBS SMILES – especially at day 3 VBS as I watched a camper SHINE while he was watching the live action skit.

Let me tell you how GOOD GOD IS – about how this day 3 VBS bible point came to life for me: “When life changes, God is good”.

My VBS friend is also a number one youth race car driver, that has been his passion FOREVER, his parents pour their energy into preparation. The ONLY activity that pulls him away from the track is VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL… Well, he was so very excited about ROAR as a potential theme, but I wanted to go with retro Power Lab instead – but as our church’s VBS got cancelled, we were welcomed into another church’s VBS… Guess what? Their theme was: ROAR… (I hear giggling from the angels watching us) … ROAR…

Oh this camper’s SMILE – the HOLY SPIRIT poured out of his smile and oh that GLOW…  ROAR…

“When life changes, God is good”…

And here is the bible story: Moses and his people were in the desert wandering and wandering and the people complained, and it got them nowhere… ACTUALLY, all that complaining extended their time spent in the desert, oops… And Moses ended up overreacting and that prevented him from getting to the promised land… the people were in the pits…

Yet God did provide everything that the people needed… So, they got manna and they got quail and they got clean drinking water – and Moses led them thru change… God took care of them…

I am the witness to God’s Hand taking care of all of us when our VBS cancelled, and I promised that I would work to find a VBS that this child of God and his mom and I could do together… and wow, it was just one mile down the street… that was good ROAR of the Lord, huh?

It is my humbling witness that the 5 MOST vocal supporters of picking Roar, all got to participate in Roar… I puzzle at how things worked out so amazingly, but I do NOT doubt the ALL-POWERFUL HAND of GOD acting in this very moment… one sheep, actually many sheep, and again the demonstration of the Lord knowing EVERY HAIR on our blessed heads… I too needed Roar, for the bible messages about Moses’s trials, I did not know that months ago, but I BELIEVE IT NOW!

Thank you, Lord, that I got to see our camper’s smile, his mom’s comfort, our helpers help… They got the green flag into Roar… They kept their VBS hope alive and that kept them from being stuck in the pits… I believe that obedience to the Lord’s guidance gave me a major realization that I had to move forward when I could not change where I was – the Lord got me out of the pits too, in life and in repair – and that then allowed me to arrive here – to see that VBS smile – to see these children of God smile…

Lord, I barely scratch the surface of how you take care of us, of so MANY sheep.  But You do – that I BELIEVE.

All joy and praise to You Lord. You gives us ALL the green flag to keep racing – FOREVER…

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