VBS Friday – a GOOD FRIDAY – a JOY of Eternity with Jesus, 19JUL – #714


714 vbs cross     714 cave


VBS Friday – a GOOD FRIDAY – a JOY of Eternity with Jesus, 19JUL

Today at Vacation Bible School we explored (and tasted) the salty and sweetness of life…

The prayers during the staff meeting were for us to be impactful in sharing the Good News – for us to be helping the children bring the HOPE that they learn to home. The campers LOVED the stories – I did too!

Life has salty rough times and sweet good times – but because of Jesus, we can give up our worries and burdens to Him – we placed stones at the cross to symbolize our burdens that we carry around – our burdens which we try to give to Him for freedom by the power of the cross and empty tomb… His pain for our gain.

JOY is for now AND JOY is for LIFE eternal. Jesus’s empty tomb was SO intriguing to these 5 year olds that they jumped up from their seats to peek in… We too can be curious about life and about the miracle of Jesus – we can take life in stride – we can look for JOY…


One last observation from this VBS week: This was a gift from God for me to be involved – a gift for me to be able to help – this was a journey of healing and a focus of new direction… The Lord KNEW I needed this – the Lord also urged me forward, to see the needs, to keep helping to spread this Good News that changes lives…. Jesus changes lives – people don’t know to look for Him. I see so many loose ends and places that I can be of service… I see a lifetime of work… I see JOY in my journey… We all can. We can all learn – teach – encourage – support… at bare minimum we can BE PRESENT.

Little Joshua, who led us into the Promise Land in yesterday’s bible story, had not “high fived” me all week during the music video routines – even one time he completely “dissed me”. WELL TODAY, he came over to me to give me a high five – I thought: “YAY, I MADE IT TO THE PROMISE LAND!”

When Life is Good, God is Good!

The TRUTH is, we all have made it to the Promise land and more – IF ONLY we accept the invitation. Jesus made our way to be FREE from our salty burdenings of life – into the sweetest of PEACE forever… Life will be bumpy for sure –  but we have to know our roles here are only temporary, and we need to do our part, not fear, and share the Joy…. trust me, that JOY is far better than VBS water balloons – this JOY is FOREVER!

Thanks for journeying thru VBS with me… Can’t wait to see where and how God calls me into VBS next year!


714 vbs

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