Jesus, You Lean into our Funk, 20NOV -#766



Jesus, You Lean into our Funk, 20NOV

Jesus, You step into our funk… lean in to take the brunt…

Jesus, You lean into danger for us.

Jesus, You catch us before we even know You are there.

Recently I bent over to pick up a pile of wood and just as I leaned a branch came at me – I leaned into the trajectory – ouch.  My cheek blessedly took the brunt instead of my eye. The scar is now shiny. Isn’t that just like Jesus taking the brunt of our sin and death for us? Stepping in…

Jesus ALWAYS is “Getting in the Way” – interesting Word play – Jesus is the Way. Replacing our way with His Way. We should always let Jesus get His Way.

Jesus is always ready to catch our funk – catch our downtimes – catch us when we fall – and to grab our hands just as we reach them up to Him.

Jesus, You hold us until we are ready to stand.

Jesus broke thru to save.

Jesus steps into our funk.

Have you ever had a bad day, wanted to remain upset but the Holy Spirit intervenes and steps you out of your funk?

Have you ever wanted to dwell on something bad in your life but find yourself present with someone else who had/has a worse problem? And find you really can’t complain like you were? And you begin to count your blessings instead?


Have you ever dwelled on being stuck, when you realized that you were placed to deal with these exact emotions or circumstances for another issue, and that later moved you forward.


Have you ever been filled with wholeness in loneliness? Happiness in hunger? Peace in pause?


And perhaps we should not wait for the intervention, and we should today ask Jesus to take away our sins, our funk, our pain.

Jesus You Put Your LOVE into our Hearts for You… You shine thru…

Thank You Jesus for being You.

The Holy Spirit uses all His tools in His heavenly toolbox to construct our days.

We see Jesus move in our lives.

Jesus, You Lean into our funk. Thank You!


One thought on “Jesus, You Lean into our Funk, 20NOV -#766

  1. These new to me Keith Green songs hit me just right –
    Keith sings of the love of the Lord putting love into our hearts and how the Lord restores us:

    You Put This Love in My Heart

    And the similar “secular” song by Jackie Deshannon Put a little love in your heart ”

    Keith sings about Jesus pulling away the curtains of our eyes. Your Love Broke Through”

    Keith sings of Jesus, taking away our blues and filling us with all His colors
    “Stained Glass”

    We are like windows
    Stained with colors of the rainbow
    Set in a darkened room
    Till the bridegroom comes to shining through
    Then the colors fall around our feet
    Over those we meet
    Covering all the gray that we see
    Rainbow colors of assorted hues
    Come exchange your blues
    For His love that you see shining through me
    We are His daughters and sons
    We are the colorful ones
    We are the kids of the King
    Rejoice in everything
    My colors grow so dim
    When I start to fall away from Him
    But up comes the strongest wind
    That he sends to blow me back into his arms again
    And then the colors fall around my feet
    Over those I meet
    Changing all the gray that I see
    Rainbow colors of the Risen Son
    Reflect the One
    The One…

    Keith sings of the work being made complete.
    “Be More Like Jesus”

    As each day passes by,
    I feel my love run dry.
    I get so weary, worn,
    And tossed around in the storm.
    Well I’m blind to others needs,
    And I’m tired of planting seeds.
    I seem to have a wealth,
    Of so many thoughts about myself.
    I want to, I need to, be more like Jesus.
    I want to, I need to, be more like him.
    Our fathers will was done,
    By giving us his son,
    Who paid the highest cost,
    To point us to the cross.
    And when I think of him,
    Taking on the whole worlds sin,
    I take one look at me,
    Compared to what I’m called to be.
    I want to, I need to, be more like Jesus.
    I want to, I need to, be more like him.
    Remember, there’s no greater love,
    Then to lay down your life for a friend.
    The end of all my prayers,
    Is to care like my Lord cares.
    My one and only goal,
    His image in my soul.
    Yes my weakness is revealed,
    When by His stripes I’m healed.
    He’s faithful and He’s true,
    To complete the work He begins in you.


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