Jesus on the Move! 21NOV – #767



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Jesus on the Move! 21NOV

Jesus, You are On the Move!

I have seen a plush doll of Jesus twice in my church – I love how it randomly showed up in my sight line. First time during Vacation Bible School in July, I found it gently sitting on a table – exuding warmth of love – oh what a sweet face on this Jesus – oh how I felt His warm smile and love at that very moment as a child of God – especially during VBS time. We are all children of God – our faith called to be childlike.

Then months later I saw this same doll in a tote bag in the kitchen – I don’t know whose bag it was – but all I needed to see was the cute placement in the bag – and to know that Jesus was on the move…


Jesus’s best moves are when we allow Him to move into our lives.

Jesus finds us before we find Him.

He found me lost.

He found me found.

Jesus brought heaven down to earth as He humbled Himself to find each and every one. Jesus is ready to go with you – go for you – go back and get you – go thru you. Why? Because Jesus loves you!

Jesus loves you!

Look for Jesus, because Jesus is looking for you!


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One thought on “Jesus on the Move! 21NOV – #767

  1. (PS – I found the Hallmark doll on the web, fittingly as Jesus used the internet to help find me. I am going to buy myself this little Jesus doll as a Christmas present to myself – maybe I will buy 2, Jesus is too good not to share.)


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