Realness, Rawness, Rest, 31DEC-01JAN – #787



Realness, Rawness, Rest, 31DEC-01JAN

When I prayed in the morning, December 31st, the last day of 2019, there was one STRONG word that permeated my mind from the Lord.


How I appreciate all advice when praying. The word REST didn’t mean stay idle, but REST in RECOVERY for the moment, REST UP for the next mission.

And the stronger meaning for REST is to REST IN JESUS’S ARMS.

EVERYTHING in between here and “eternal there” is an opportunity for us to be Spirit-led and help Jesus as He looks for the REST of His lost sheep.


REST up and REST IN Jesus’s Arms, both crucial to our service to the Lord.

REST assured.

Reverence not restlessness. Feel the REALNESS of Jesus calling us. Know the RAWNESS of Jesus as a “shake you awake” moment. Jesus flipping over the temple tables, where dove sellers were gouging the poor, was RAW and REAL. Jesus has authority to Work God’s Plan.

Realize His Plan. Remember we are in it.


Rest in Jesus because today’s new January 1st New Year’s Day word, that I just RECEIVED in prayer is “GO!” Really… “GO!”

Don’t go alone, or go it alone. Remain RESTING in Jesus’s arms because Jesus will take you wherever He needs you. And Jesus needs you!


Jesus knows the REST of the Way.

Teaching, Living, Breathing, Beholding, Doing, Being and all the REST.

Live the LOVE God gives you. LOVE the Lord who LOVES you. LOVE all whom God LOVES.


It’s 2020.

GO with GOD.


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