Cleansing LOVE from Jesus, 31DEC – #786



Cleansing LOVE from Jesus, 31DEC

768 globe

Had to capture this pic…

I shook up a snow globe on the counter of my local take-out restaurant, while thinking about our pastor’s sermon last week about LOVE – how all LOVE stems from the Lord – and in his sermon he mentioned the romantic notion of “snow-globing”, the hip term for temporary relationships over the holidays when everything seems so romantic.

Think instead of the long lasting love of God – that is where all LOVE comes from.

We are called to share God’s LOVE.

I held the plastic snow globe and I shook it up but instead of nice flow of picturesque snow,  I GOT BUBBLES – like soap bubbles… And I laughed out loud – so loud I am sure people thought I was crazy… surely my energies were overflowing and over-powering at that moment compared to the little snow globe with half evaporated water.

Just in that soapy moment, I thought it was SO fitting an image and truth – for Jesus does LOVE us SO much in our snow globe worlds and crazy lives that He will wash us clean – not with soap bubbles but with His love, mercy, forgiveness and salvation

I smiled in the forgiveness that Jesus gives before we know we even need it.

Jesus’s LOVE and Living Water will never evaporate!

Jesus shakes up our lives with cleansing LOVE!

Jesus’s LOVE is overpowering and true!

Jesus’s LOVE wants to bubble thru our crazy lives!

Jesus’s LOVE will never settle!


786 globe 2

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