Jesus, All the Buzz, 24FEB – #820



Jesus, All the Buzz, 24FEB

Stepping out of the house this morning, I could hear the buzz of heavy traffic all around me… You could consider that a good working day or you could consider that too much noise… either way I will also add to the buzz of noise all day…

How we delineate life from background noise determines how we approach each day…

Life has a buzz… so does God’s Kingdom.

The swarm of birds roosting this morning in our trees started to overtake the mechanical buzz, that’s a good sound… The buzz of the electronics at band Tuesday night was interference or grounding issues, all I know was the noise invaded my reality check.  I was not upset at the buzz but distracted… instead of quiet prayers I was filled with thoughts of writing about the buzz that Jesus is always making in my ear and heart, trying to get my (our) attention. Jesus should be all the buzz.

Sometimes in the early years of His ministry, we see Jesus asking others to be quiet, He did not want to cause an uproar of people seeking healing over hearing. Jesus wanted the Truth to overtake the talk and the talk to overtake the noise.  Jesus wanted people to hear and know His Father, our Father and know His Manner not just know and expect manna bread’s of gifts. Jesus wanted to teach the people, reach those who would look past the side show attractions of crowds. His parables forced those who really want to hear to talk them out with each other first.

The skeptical Pharisees didn’t like what they saw, or what they heard. The establishment did not understand and did not want to believe the Father gave Jesus, as His Son, authority to do what He did, to say what He said. They could not see the forest for the trees, could not connect the times to the scripture predictions of the Son of man, and miracles or no miracles, they especially were upset these Works were WORK on a Sabbath…

Jesus was starting to be all the buzz around town… the authorities were getting nervous, the people were getting curious, the demons were taking notes…

Jesus and the Sabbath, whoda thunk God Himself would work on a worldly non-working day… well, God is always working on what connects us to Him. Jesus said “My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working.” John 5:17 We should want to always be buzzing in tune with the Holy Spirit’s presence, which should quiet the earthly noise.

The buzz of the Kingdom is precisely beaming to us. Let’s try to tune in today. 



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