Captivate, 04SEP – #925


The sunset was pink, one of the most beautiful – but by the time I got outside it had changed to golden, and I missed my photo of the picture perfect provision of pink. Golden was my consolation prize. That’s pretty good too, huh? Captivated. 

Isn’t that life? We have paths of consolation by looking for the light. We have hope in consolidated lives, all found in the Lord. 

Life is short, yes, we miss things, we miss a lot – but if we keep looking for the LIGHT, at least we will have direction. I don’t think anybody’s life is perfect. I don’t think anybody could say they wouldn’t change something. In my heart I know there’s a consolation prize for us always looking into His direction. We don’t always see it immediately, but surely it is there.There’s a captured feeling that captivates me. In Him, there’s always possibilities to open, there’s always answers to questions (if we ask the right questions), and there’s always more questions to ask. Better yet, there’s more than just pat answers for us, there is soaking in His presence for all. 

A fellow walker just now smiled while walking by and said “enjoy your night”. Yes, I am. See, it’s STILL summer, there are STILL summer bugs so loud, I’m still ALIVE… and I have direction… And a ladybug just now landed on me. I have been found. 

Found and I am captivated but it is because I am CAPTURED, really, and I now work for the Lord. What about you? I work for the One who never overlooks us, who looked for me forever, who found me knowing I would look for Him at this very moment, every moment. For in God, each MOMENT can feel like FOREVER and each FOREVER a MOMENT. Today, right now? He gave me THIS moment…

And golden sunsets… 

No, the Lord won’t always have to put pink or gold in our eyes, He won’t ever need flashing lights or fuzzy glows to captivate us. He won’t need light in our eyes but He will LIGHT our souls to shine us towards Him. He simply lights up life with love. Securely, He gives us longing and belonging…  

So, direction for me is going to be different than direction for you, but the rescue in His reach is always universal. The unifying force of love is love. The mystery is the mystery, but He never wants us guessing, only listening. Only listening to Him. Looking for Him. 

He needs us to think: Knowing He’s there. Knowing He’s here.

He needs us to love: Knowing He’s there. Knowing He’s here.

He gives us life to live:  Knowing He’s there. Knowing He’s here.

There is no Godly golden sunset picture tonight, because He can not be captured, only we can be captivated and captured, captured by Him. 

Capture. Captivate. Don’t let go. 

Captivate us all Lord. 


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