Labor For Love, 05SEP – #926


I decided to return the favor. I had a moment at the local 911 memorial, sitting on the bench and I left a note painted on a blue rock. “For He Gave His Son. John 3:16”. Oh Lord, you gave a Labor FOR Love. A Labor for Mary to birth Jesus. A Labor of the Lord Jesus to birth a plan with You the Father to birth the church. A Labor of Love to toil and work in being a human as God for 3 years on earth. A Labor of Love to bring us all to You. We Labor too, because of Your Favor.

That the Holy Spirit gave us such favor, it is a partial favor that I returned today, placing this painted rock on a bench, because on the day, Sunday 01FEB2015, when I knew I had awakened 100% to Jesus in me, I was at a 911 memorial garden and I flipped over a coin to read John 3:16. What amazing confirmation and reconfirmation of the Holy Spirit moving me to accept Jesus, of believing in Him, thru Him, with Him 100%. I knew that day that I knew that as Truth. For He gave His Son for us all. Really God did. And Jesus labored to tell us all about God and about Himself, how He is given us by God’s direction and how now the Spirit is His advocate. For Jesus, this is a Labor for Love. That day, after months of God making me reborn, I learned and I understood. Not everyone does, actually many are lost or stuck in their own pre-born-again cold labor. For Jesus, this is a Labor For Love.

Fittingly this is Labor Day weekend, I have the rarest of rarities, I have time to think… time to read… time to be… Tomorrow I will plan to get to the beach. Today I tidied up my chores, picking goodies in my garden, cooked, ran loads of dishes and laundry. Now I can sit, but instead I am floating. I’m blessed to be on a dock, a boat launch, down the road from wildlife preserves. No one seems to mind me being here with no boat. I am reading and I am writing. I am floating in LOVE. My blessing of a calling is these writings then cataloging, posting and printing of 900 plus blogs. I don’t need a following but Jesus does. I need to Labor for Love for Jesus said so, and I know so. It’s a calling,  but getting Jesus to everyone is more than I could ever share, it is team effort. Jesus has to be born within each person. Each follower becomes reborn in Christ. If you don’t know what that means, it means Jesus’s Labor for Love is for you too. You don’t have to go thru another physical labor to be born of the Spirit, but you have to acknowledge Christ’s Labor for Love. You must be born again – and you won’t know how that feels until you are.

Next, my mini labor for the day, after visiting the 911 memorial, I placed one of my blog business cards out in public. I placed a purple “LOVE” rock with a card at a takeout place. I also placed one at the grocery story today, that is not easy for me even secretly to be bold. It’s time for me to get over my shyness of sharing more openly. I pray the Holy Spirit to brush off my dust and for me to embrace His Ways.  That’s part of my Labor for Him – my Labor, His Love…

I’m returning the favor, Labor FOR Love.


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