The Second Woe, or All We Know… 16NOV – #972


The book of Revelation is very REVEALING, except there’s one part that John is told to NOT write down. 

I can imagine there is so much he understands and so much more he doesn’t, nor could we, since the vastness of God is immeasurable. The “second WOE” is recorded but John is told to not record what the seven thunders said. No.

John and we see a Heavenly pause, before the seventh seal is opened. Yes, Heaven rolls thru a great plan, but there’s a classic God pause – WHY? A pause as the Lamb opens the 7th seal.

That’s mysterious and comforting, as I believe that God will pause anytime He wants. God’s plan does not mean He won’t wait for us to catch up. (but don’t wait too long). God does not change but His power is His. With God, I can always imagine His LOVE winning. I can’t picture all the destruction described in the book of revelation, but I can FEEL the LOVE to those who made it thru. And I see the harshness to those who denied His sovereignty as well as His existence. 

But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.”

Woe 2, it seems, still has God’s mystery within it to accomplish. God’s mystery, His Majesty, His Own.

See, even having never read these passages and the destruction, I still knew, I KNOW, IN TRUTH, ABOUT JESUS.  Jesus may be shielded in mystery to some non-believers, reluctant believers. But JESUS IS THE MYSTERY GOD WANTS US TO KNOW. Jesus is ready to be revealed to anyone whose eyes will open, whose ears will hear.

In Revelation, even John asks questions! So, for Heaven’s sake we should be asking questions about earth and about life and about believing even stronger in the Lord. How will we scratch the surface of understanding if we fail to dig into it. I believe that we are never going to understand everything (yet), but we can always try to learn more. Endless references to spiritual maturity are flooding my flooded faith right now. The “what now?” is replaced by the “what don’t we know yet?” What can you do? Read more. Love more. Abide more. 

Yes, there is a second woe (and a third), but if we “remain in Him“, Jesus, His Love and being Jesus-like in our love to others, these are our revealing our Way to go and our Way to know. We can ask for revelation, but truly the greatest mystery is solved: Jesus was, IS and will be THE ANSWER all along. 


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