Let the Word Be Heard, 17JUN – #1185


I was thinking of all the apologies and such I might be saying to Jesus the day, one day, when standing at the exit from this world to Heaven. I was thinking of the statements that Jesus would make for me to God to explain my sins, to like reverse rattle off a list like Santa might keep track of naughty and nice. But no. NO. Jesus would be standing there as One WITH God, ONE GOD, being whom He already is: the Word. He Himself is the Word. He Himself is the first and last. He Himself is sufficient to take away our sin and we just are forgiven and held. Jesus can hold us as flesh. Jesus can move us as Spirit. And that love is for everyone who looks to love Jesus. 

The thought of being held and loved. Think about it. There’s no distance between us and God. There’s not a slim slice of sin to distance because of Jesus.  There’s only LOVE to fill the gap that is no longer left open. Love is the bridge that was pre-built.

Jesus is the Word who is seen and heard.

Heaven knows the Way of the Word. 

Let the Word Be Heard. 


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