If Only, 18JUN – #1186


If only people studied God as much as people studied people. 

If only people sought His advice as much as others, even more.

If only they looked to Him for rest, rather than world remedies. 

If only.

If only I understood X, Y, and Z going on in my life, if only.

If only I looked to Him for solutions or simply solace. 

If only I asked Him for His understanding. 

If only. 

If only we looked at situations as His children rather than His reporters.

If only Heaven-focused directions won our attention over earthly tests.

If only people took one day at a time.

If only. 

If only we asked our focus, Him, to focus us.

If only His focus, us, focused us.

If only people had an Only focus. 

If only. 

If only Him, then only Him Lord. 

If only Him, then Him only.

If Only, if Then and Now.

Now only. 

Now only the Lord. 

Then only the Lord, too.

And the Lord, when.




Yes Only. 

Amen Lord, our One and Only. 

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