Double Vision, 06SEP – #1240


I am blessed to be reading/listening to teachings about Revelation 21 scripture where the NEW CITY Jerusalem will roll in from the new Heaven, faceted with so many gemstones and looking as if the clearest crystal, a diamond like no other – and how big? 1400 by 1400 by 1400 miles – YES that big!…  John’s preview from his own eyes: “Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;”  Ah, to see this all. We WILL if we believe. We could never see this distance with earthy eyes but live in our faith to see us that far ahead. 

My eyes are still good for distance and the doctor told me of my eventual need for transition lenses instead of reader glasses. The drops he gives in the exam room give me fuzzy vision, I can’t see the close things. Luckily I can drive. But rest of the day, no headache-inducing computer or phone and because my eyes are “special” with acute angles, it takes hours for me to see normal again as they don’t flush out the medication quickly. Worse than double vision, but temporary. 

I now think about FRACTURES in the church and among believers – DOUBLE VISION – not seeing eye to eye and not being able to have movement without coordinated sight. Two eyeballs looking their own way. Double Vision. 

Many examples abound for a church body’s double vision: politics, personal choices, games of chance, marriages, divorces, even whether people can dance. Medical procedures as well. Vaccinations (of course) are in the news today. More than one church I connect with has sent out pleas to not let the vaccination discussions or even mask discussions divide the congregation into feudal wars. 

We are to be one WITH Christ, one IN Christ, one OF Christ. We are to NOT let the distractions divide and prevent us from LOOKING FORWARD. Let us admonish against this Double Vision that will make us stumble, if one is able to walk at all. One eye vision will not give you depth perception or perspective either. The body can’t walk in two directions for the path forward. 

Distractions and arguments take away from study and drive, take away from missions and movement. 

Jesus warned about getting lost in blinding hypocrisy (Matthew 23) and warned that those who don’t call Jesus their Lord and Savior will find themselves NOT in Heaven (the path that looks good is too wide leading into destruction). But these modern threats of double vision often come out of from good eyes, people of faith who simply disagree on how to apply the scriptures to the challenges of the day. Spirit and Truth is how we are to worship, trust and obey. Be true to the Word, don’t bend it and prevent water from flowing. God does not change anyway. 

Jesus gave sight to certain blind people to glorify God in demonstration of His Power, but Jesus already knew these faithful servants SAW GLORY ahead of them, and they believed in the scriptures of their Savior coming. They were always “watching”. Unlike the seeing unbelievers, the unseeing believers in Jesus KNEW. 

We too must be WATCHING. Our Savior will come back and we need to be looking for Him.

And will these double vision challenges in the church and society get deeper? YES. Challenges shake the earth which is temporary anyway. There is only One who can pull us OUT OF THE RUBBLE OF LIFE, away from the earthquakes beneath our feet, arguments in our ears, and the collapse of the world, and especially from the distractions of our hearts: JESUS. Follow Him. Let Jesus be the sole fixture of our gaze, our hearts, minds, souls. 

Let’s not divide ourselves but reach out to those drifting. Let us fit not transition lenses on ourselves but simply set our sights on things above. Set aside double vision and walk by faith, not by sight.

Let us all look around the bend and know Jesus comes back sooner than later. Let us be ready to be shown as in His Bride.


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