Living IN Cheer, 06SEP – #1241


Life IS for living. Living in CHEER.

I don’t wear a mask MOST of the time because I am vaccinated.

I got a vaccination for common sense, NOT FEAR. 

I consider vaccinations a BLESSING.

I want to keep others safe, to breathe CLEAR.

I don’t wear a mask outside, but at work yes, on the train yes.

I wear a mask for compliance NOT FEAR. 

I ride the train for ease, not fear of driving.

I wear a seatbelt for safety, I check my car brakes and try to steer CLEAR.

There is but one RESPECTFUL FEAR. I FEAR the LORD, for He keeps me SAFE, He keeps me in GEAR.

I am Psalm-139-tracked down and held, so the Lord I hold DEAR. 


Live in CHEER.


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