Coincidences NOPE, 14MAY – #148



Coincidences NOPE, 14MAY

What I wrote about God’s Winter Pruning (22APR) was the best example of no coincidence but God’s timing instead… I understand how God picked winter for my pruning and regrafting to the vine

I praise God’s timing BEFORE I was to jump into a busier church/VBS/life schedule this spring… and I praise God’s timing for having this happen when I was not in a crisis mode – I count my blessings for my health and that I still have my parents and my family – and I don’t want to predict the future but I know that my parents are not going to be around forever….  who knows I could get hit by a bus tomorrow…

And honestly, if nothing more, I praise God’s timing for getting my head straight while my kids are just entering the teenage phase – cause you know that that is going to be a WILD RIDE!!!!

and I question God’s timing, but I praise God’s strength that he gave me the ARMOR OF GOD which enabled me to survive (so far) this week where I had not one but 4 MAJOR relationship …these 4 people situations/events have been spinning my head like crazy his week and yet I was still able to get some work work done! – AMAZING TIMING!

and I praise God now for back to solid sleep-filled nights and no 3am wake up calls….  10 to 5:30 like clockwork, THANKS GOD!!!!!

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