Reflection 22JUL – #486



Reflection 22JUL

I saw the light this morning – the sunrise – but I also get to see the light of the best Son-rise, Jesus, shining through so many people whom I see every day. There is a spirit from within that can’t help but to spill out of us…. Ah, not everybody knows whose light they shine. But I know… All light and life – All joy and truth -All in all – Life is a reflection of the light placed within. LIGHT cannot be hidden…

In my 6 a.m. walk, processing VBS thru my head, I finally saw the physical sun that I had been tracking ever since dawn, but I did not see it directly at first – I first saw its REFLECTION in a window. And that’s what we are too – we are windows to the light placed inside of us – we are reflections (and hopefully the focusing beams) of the greater true light that comes from God. Not light from us, but LIGHT thru us…

Sometimes our windows need cleaning but the LIGHT is still there – and sometimes our windows get cracked and certainly the LIGHT will beam on through then… The LIGHT is also found when we are in the coldest darkest times, no matter what; nothing could prevent us from focusing on the LIGHT within. LIGHT heals as it warms…

We reflect God’s LOVE to others as they reflect it to us… And we should look for it – in them and in us… And we should focus on it… And we should LOVE it…

God – the great tinkerer of all time gets an idea – and a LIGHT goes on – HIS idea is to make a person – and to LIGHT a LIGHT inside of them…. God Made You – God knows you – God loves you!

It’s time to shine…

Reflect LIGHT

Reflect LOVE

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