Made in His Image, 14 July – #485



Made in His Image, 14 July

I rattled this idea in my head for a couple weeks now and it’s time to get it out…

For us to be made in His image, let me propose an interesting thought that God and we are made as a NET. I know that scripture tells us that God is SPIRIT – but please let me take a moment to write out my thoughts on God…

This writing is also for vacation bible school… The scriptures on day one are from Genesis, the bible point is: “God Made You”…

“So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;”

Yes, so many times I think about how we are made in His image and how He made the world so complex… And how we are to learn to take care of this world…

As a scientist, I also am as bemused as much as I am bewildered with how glorious a system we are a part of… And how we can take a step back to describe what we see… And how we are allowed to take a step back to study God…

From the smallest DNA molecules to the largest ecosystems there is nothing living that is beyond God’s reach. From the smallest atomic nanoparticles to the vastness of the universe, there is nothing beyond God’s reach. Because God is already in all these systems. He is not external, He is internal, He is intercalated, HE WAS and HE IS!

For us to be made in His image, let me expand this interesting thought: if you look at the circulatory system, the nervous system, the muscle systems, the organ systems, the intricate systems under the skin and layer them all together and have them work together… what do they look like? Our bodies look like a NET. 

If you trace all our brain waves internally, what would that look like? Those paths would look like a NET.

If you emotionally connect with people near and far, what would that look like? Life connections look like a NET.

If you study the heavens, trace all the beams of light reaching not just your eye, but all directions, what would that look like? The universe looks like a NET.

If you allow this role of humans to take care of all creatures big and small to pull on your heart strings, what would that look like? The string connections look like a NET.

If your gut tells you to pay attention to some feeling – and it is trying to convince your brain to pay attention – then responding to all those intertwined signals looks like a NET.

If you allow life’s joys and sorrows to fill the depth of your soul? Your life looks like a NET.

The WORD written in letters and pulled from the pages, is made to be spoken in language form – that creates spiritual sound waves – that net result is the WORD made flesh in Jesus. The WORD is a NET.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is a Fisher of men.

Jesus is the WORD made flesh.

Jesus, like us, was made in God’s image.

Jesus is more than just integrated into the net – HE IS THE NET.

Jesus is the one who captures us, who fishes for us as His Father requests, and who holds us from within.  Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches.”

If we are created, integrated, and moved as a NET, then who can we catch and hold?

First we must catch ourselves. We hold the Truth within us when we acknowledge who we are and who made us and how we should live. We show the Truth in us when we allow ourselves to freely move with the Spirit and love because of the Spirit. We shine the Spirit, quite often unconsciously, but we shall shine like we are on fire when we purposefully share this greatest of Truth – that the Spirit makes up every part of our being.

If we are made in God’s image then we are made of LOVE

If God’s image is like a deep NET, then we are deeply made in God’s image…

The net within us is THE NET within God’s reach.

The net within us holds God inside us – to be able to reach out.

God catches and holds us in HIS NET of LOVE in order that we would love Him. God made us for His purpose to LOVE us. God loves you. God is for you. God made you.

Life is not for us to love the world but for us to LOVE all of Him and those that He placed into this world.

God is LOVE. We are made of LOVE.

LOVE is a net. Tend to your net, repair your net. Let God’s WORD heal your frayed strings.

LOVE yourself and LOVE all.



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