SNAP!!! Out of the Mud!!! 30SEP – #597


597 catalyst 6


SNAP!!! Out of the Mud!!! 30SEP

Oh I love Facebook time hop….. today it reminded me that it was 6 years ago when something in my brain snapped while teaching…. I can still hear and feel that SNAP!….

I said out-loud to the kids: Jesus came as a catalyst for changing the world by spreading the news of God’s love faster… SNAP!… a catalyst in a chemical reaction makes things happen – Jesus makes things happen for God – SNAP! It was two years later, in God’s timing, while my writing was chronicling my processing, God started making my head spin…. I was hunted down by none other than God Himself…. I thought I was going crazy – I said: “wait! what?”

How earth shattering is it to be hunted down by God? How amazing is it to be caught by Jesus who simply gently said “she’s not dead, she’s just asleep…”

I wish I could convey that SNAP, that hunted down feeling… but each and everyone has to realize Jesus for themselves… I don’t fault myself or anyone for not knowing where I was spiritually, I don’t fault and yet I do know I slipped thru the cracks but was still driven to feed others….  when they say “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called” – that’s 100% true…

There’s no formula to faith,  but if you hear a snap,  I promise you there’s something going on with the universe of God’s dust particles, the word of Jesus, and the movement of the Holy Spirit… God is moving a sliding puzzle piece in your head, placing or un-placing a Lego piece, unzipping the separated part of a zipper and re-zipping it right… God knows what and where to adjust our antennae – our job is to listen, hear, believe, change, act…..

God formed the dust particles that are me, got the Holy Spirit swirling them around, and Jesus came to me as a flood of living water…. Christmas Flood is the basis of my blog, my 34 chapters of writing… I’m just trying to scoop up the mud in my brain and help Him help the Kingdom…. you have to learn to love God’s ability to rise us up out of the mud…

Thanks for letting me share… I’m still blown away, but God planted me, like a tree, and grounded me in His Word… I cried begging mercy after I realized what I didn’t realize…  I cry still when I think about what it would have meant if I didn’t SNAP into life with Jesus. My tears of flooding Jesus often come now to soften up my hardened soil of my soul – and the mud is better than stuck in dry ground… at least with mud you can move and you can climb – and you can ask to be cleansed and rise up – with Jesus…

I love you all… thank you for letting me share my experience…

Please know that God loves you…

Jesus saves – wakes – washes – wows…



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