God is NOT a Fairytale, 06Oct – #598


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God is NOT a Fairytale, 06Oct

I’m attending a wonderful wedding today – I know it’s going to be beautiful, sweet, fairytale-like and fun!

We may wish fairytales in life, but life is really NOT a fairytale if God Himself is the one directing.

God is NOT a fairytale. God is real – and really at work today!

We are sure that God brought our bride and groom together for His plan. We are filled with JOY watching our bride and groom together.

JOY! Today there will be JOY! Joy will be spilling out from all the happy moments and friends enJOYing the day. Our joy comes from knowing the Lord, knowing He has us in the palm of His hand. So much JOY will overflow that we must spread our joy to others.

Our bride and groom know JOY because they know the Lord, and love Him, and because they share Him with others.

HOPE! Today there will be HOPE! Hope springs from knowing the Lord Himself gives us HOPE. Hope that ultimately we have a life together, with Him, eternally allows us right now to live more hopefully in His love. So much HOPE will bloom that we need to show others that they too can find HOPE.

Our bride and groom know HOPE because they know Jesus, and love Him, and because they share Him with us.

Today there will be LIGHT! LIGHT from the Lord will shine! His light will beam today from everyone’s smiles and darkness will not overcome it! Let us let the LIGHT from the SPIRIT inside each of us spill out – let us watch for the GLOW today – let us share our LIGHT with others. Just allow love to GLOW!

Our bride and groom will GLOW! They beam the LIGHT because they know the Spirit of the Lord moves them, because they love to be moved by the Spirit, and because they share the Spirit openly.

Today there will be LOVE

LOVE from the original source

LOVE in all its forms.

LOVE from God

LOVE to God


Our bride and groom today will show LOVE, know love, experience love, and give love. Today they will allow their new love to grow even more.

Love is not a fairytale – God’s emanating love is alive. Our sharing of love needs nurturing, needs studying, needs reality checks.  Love is a process, love is powerful, “love is enough” ONLY if love drives everything else. Love must be allowed to grow.

Love from God – shared AGAPE- must be the foundation of our growth, our JOY, our HOPE, our GLOW.


Love is no fairytale because love is the plan.

God is no fairytale because God Himself is writing this story for our bride and groom, writing this story for us, writing this story for Himself.

The end of this story is the same as the beginning of the story – LOVE.


GOD bless our bride and groom, as they continue to show us His love.


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