The Cream of Spiritual Milk, 08OCT – #599



The Cream of Spiritual Milk, 08OCT

Do you know people who shun their spiritual beliefs? Not only do they not realize their salvation, they can’t figure out where to find their joy? It shows – they move thru life OK but deep joy is not there – their comfort during tough times is also not there. While we walk our spiritual journeys we often see others not rooted in His Word – just as Jesus spoke of in the four soils parable, they are dried up seedlings that sprouted without placing their roots in a firm foundation, nothing to feed their roots… I feel bad for those folks… It’s one thing to not know enough about one’s faith – but for some to actually shun it, that is the saddest thing – it is like going to the bank and then refusing free gifts of money – and then mocking the bank for trying to give it away to you…  sad…

My wish is that everyone would want to know the Lord. To know the Lord is to know His Joy, His protection, His compassion,  His mercy.  We are to give God highest praises – all praises – even if we think all we can muster is a little drummer boy’s effort, it is still pleasing to God to give what we have – to be in praise brings so much increased internal joy. I want everyone to feel the joy.  I am a campaigner for God’s Joy – of course God is the only one who can make the folks realize His Joy – my wish is but a minor drop in the bucket of God’s power to help the world realize their Joy is in the Lord.

Actually, I often feel I have much more joy than I am allowed to have…. I feel bad if folks think that I am a Pollyanna – I just wish people could tap into their own joy – I really do… and that would help them tune into God in the rough times too…

The craving for spiritual milk is really gifted to His followers by the Lord – He knows that they will need Him – in toughest times it is feeding on the cream of spiritual milk. Life’s turmoil churns the spiritual milk we have held in our souls and the cream of comfort rises to the top.  It is getting the rich stuff, not at the bottom of the barrel, but rising to the top when we slow down to let our turmoil settle – and the cream – yes the cream rises.

God knows our pain. God also gives until it hurts. Jesus knew the physical pain to take on our burdens to allow us entry into the kingdom…. Jesus’s tears flowed until His blood flowed… and His spirit flowed thru His tears some more – flowing the deepest sorrows of emotional pain for the lost children of God. Surely His emotional pain was severe – and He had compassion for those who believed…

Our understanding and hungering for the Lord in joy and in pain is wanting to partake in pure spiritual milk, because we know that the Lord is good…. all the time…

We are blessed to grow towards our salvation. Jesus rises us to the top.  We are God’s children – He wants to nurture and nourish us here and forever…

“Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” 1 Peter 2

599 cream

Photo credit Living History Farms, Des Moines, IA

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