The Christmas Crash, 25DEC – #783


783 crash783

The Christmas Crash, 25DEC

I planned to crash this afternoon,  I needed the crash, I had Christmas-ed myself out…


Mine was not traumatic, a planned couch crash on Christmas Day, and then my witness of the crash wipeout of a Starbucks barista this afternoon was a huge WOW reminder to slowdown. She and 3 other baristas were working harder than ever, a rush dedication on Christmas day one hour before close – this was just a step down surely experienced by that of warzone medics.  What a glut of orders! With Christmas travelers quietly eagle-eye anticipating every move.

CRASH. She went down in an instant, slipped and luckily was just stunned not hurt,  then she marveled that the chocolate sugar-filled drink she was holding was still intact. That’s DEDICATION.

CRASH, do we know how to not crash? It’s a usual human thing to work hard, to the last nerve, even if it is us spinning wheels, at Christmastime.

WE NEED DOWNTIME!!! We need someone to protect our cup too.

Even my little Jesus doll at home looks tired!!! This doll at home seems less smiley than the one I have at work. Sadly I seem to have ignored this one, set Him on a shelf, even left it in the car in the box for a week.  The Jesus doll at work still sits in the sun and inspires me, but I’ve not appreciated this one. Which reminds me to ask: did I really keep Christ in Christmas this season? And do I really let Jesus hold my cup? You can’t pour from an empty cup. Jesus would be more than happy to fill yours.

Guess what? A new day, NOT Christmas but a Christ-cup-fill-ness day. Start fresh! Drink Living Water.

As a recovery day is purposeful and needed to get back up and shining tomorrow, a mental moment to pick up our crosses is necessary. A Holy Hydration and a Be Still moment.

Surely we will not be so hurried and rushed as we were pre-Christmas. Even if tomorrow likely we see life crash back in on us, LET US BE STILL BE STILL.

The Starbucks barista got back up on her feet, her boss then urged her to take a break. She didn’t want to. The boss then picked up the next cup sticker and I recognized the scooping of blackberries – this was for MY order, my daughter’s drink – whew I was relieved. I was tired of being still waiting, I wished I could have helped behind the counter, but I was forced to let them fill my cup. I had to take downtime to wait and let my cup fill.

Who will fill our spiritual cups? JESUS!.

Whose holding our cup INTACT when we crash? JESUS!

Whose writing your name on His sticker machine? JESUS!

Whose giving you downtime? JESUS!

Whose planning your Up-time? JESUS!

Jesus says: “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Hand over your cup, JESUS wants time to FILL IT UP.


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