January Thaw, 28DEC – #784


784 falls


January Thaw, 28DEC

Water is my theme of the moment visiting home, discussion of drinking enough water for health,  water flow to basements by disruption by road construction, and an opportunity to see waterfalls…. even water for soothing tea… it’s good to be home…

Water, Living Water and an early January thaw…

No wonder Jesus calls Himself the Living Water,  there are so many critical things involving water…. we need Him, we need to let Him flow…

We just finished a whirlwind of December and the Christmastime craze… Well, it’s  not as cold as when I was a kid of course, so honestly we need the cold December to snap us into mentally preparing for the Winter season….

When I was a kid, the winter locked down our part of the world into snow, frozen lakes and a pause for the ground to rest… US TOO… Winter came early and stayed late. The animals prepared, so did we.

Then and now we have a quick freak warm up, often called a “January thaw”, this was a break from the weather and a moment our mental health to recover, then to re-hunker down for 3 months of real winter.

Let us now pray for a virtual spiritual January thaw, to keep us hydrated and flowing in mental preparation for a new year… 2020

January 2020 thaw…  let the water, thoughts, and processing flow… refill the wells of our lives…

There’s no better time to pick up the trail of the Living Water of Jesus molding our lives,  hydrating our souls, soothing our pain. Soaking up Jesus’s mercy and love, an opportunity to live better. It’s not a surprise that we ALSO need the COLD WATER WAKEUP CALL that Jesus will bring us, like a polar plunge, TOUGH LOVE, snapping us awake from our sinful ways. Jesus seriously grabs our attention to live as we ought to.

Looking at one of our local waterfalls flowing in January thaw that came early this year, we are reminded that the water continually cuts all this rock into beautiful rippling formations. Water is TOUGH, as sharp as diamonds, forceful and persistent… Seeing the beauty of the resulting waterfall reminds us the truth of Jesus’s Living Water – we are molded and shaped by Him, He is STRONG and persistent.  By living Him thru us, we are now a beautiful flow and display of His power shown in our lives. Our healed and healing flaws is what He chooses for others to see.  The Lord’s Will is that we find Him just as He found us. Love Him as He LOVES us. Hydrate our parched souls, flow His LOVE to others…

Let us welcome this spiritual January thaw TODAY… Let us Flow into 2020 with the Living Water of warm LOVE.




PS – 2020 wow…


Hope, Hindsight, Heading into a New Year….

2020!!! Let the philosophical thoughts start!!!  In 2020, will we have 20:20 hindsight for what we should have learned by now? What did we or should we have done better since last year, since year 2000, since forever?

In year 2020 will we have 20:20 vision? Do we need to adjust our thinking for the future?

Let’s start 2020 with a hopeful vision for the future!

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