The Joy of Sacrifice, 25DEC – #782



The Joy of Sacrifice, 25DEC

It’s Christmas,  Jesus is with us. God sacrificed not only His Son’s life for us, He had to figure out logistics to accomplish His ongoing mission of bringing all His children Home, Eternally.

Logistics and Love.

There’s still a lot of logistics to accomplish. We are wandering sheep as a world. So many still need to hear Our Shepherd.

Shepherding sacrifice.

I have logistics to complete this Christmastime too, and sacrifice. I pull from an understanding between human Christmastime and Christ’s Christmas. The reason for the season is to share the Good News of Jesus, Salvation, Saving, Souls re-claimed…. Please don’t think I would ever try to equate the level of my Christmastime sacrifices to those of others or of the Lord. I am blessed and I know it. But the challenging logistics at human Christmastime are real. Yes, including me standing exhausted in the line of Target department store last night, where the whole store seemed stripped down like in a hurricane, fueling the Christmas craze – it had me looking for peace in my puzzle of life – whew – and yet I did find the perfect gifts that I THOUGHT I needed for my son, maybe I didn’t need them. Still, I felt I was a testament that the Lord kept me standing regardless of my foolishness. Therefore felt the JOY to converse with the clerk, who was punchy giddy from Christmascrazetime too. Yes, we are blessed if we have the time and money to create our own stress from excess… Yes, we are spoiled to the fact we even have time to work on the craze… I am sure the cookie graze helps begets the craze…. Yes, every year is a miracle of logistics, a sacrifice of time, money and serious brain power to get it all done.  Physically it is a challenge too.  Oh, but what a JOY even misguided Christmastime LOVE is, oh but to see JOY for my children, my community, my work. Then on Christmas I pray to find rest to know I survived my logistics.

Logistics and Love.

I’m tired blessed, of course you as well. I always say that working moms burn the candle at both ends, and at Christmastime we chew on the middle of the candle as a carbon source….. With so much work we humanly want to accomplish,  we undertake Christmas by focusing on a JOY end product,  JOY of completing and complying with the hustle and  bustle… JOY of even the amazed smiles of teenagers who might just now start to appreciate the logistics… oh yeah, there are no lights on the tree yet, eh, logistics will work out, I have a plan. Not that it is perfect but it’s a plan.

Is the consumerism too much at Christmastime? YES.

Is the stress overstressed onto the wayward material things at Christmastime? YES.

Is Christ JOY seeming to land second fiddle to temporary Christmastime joy? Well, Yes and No…

YES, of course, we are broken people in a broken world and our manmade attempt at Christmastime Christmas has seemingly spiraled out of control… but also NO, WE SERVE OUT OF LOVE.

Christ JOY is from CHRIST LOVE and LOVE begets LOVE.

I long to see the JOY on the faces of my children. I long to see Christmastime completion.

God has a plan, Jesus understands logistics…. What does Jesus’s loving logistics look like to bring His children true JOY? SACRIFICE. It’s His sacrifice that is unbelievable. Jesus sacrificed not only His human life portion, He sacrificed His logistics to even know the future, when He will accomplish His role in His second coming. Only the Father knows.

I have NO logistics compared to HIS.

I have no lights on the Christmastime tree but the Lord says look at the LIGHT within. Jesus is our JOY. Jesus is LOVE.

Jesus has already accomplished everything, we just need to choose to walk that Home stretch.

Can you imagine the JOY of the Lord when all His Logistics are complete? I humanly cannot imagine that INTENSITY of JOY. That INTENSITY of PEACE.

Follow the Light. Jesus is here. Follow Jesus and all else will fall into place.

Jesus is here.

Immanuel,  God is WITH us.



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