Liking Loving Kindness, 29DEC – #785


785 meme


Liking Loving Kindness, 29DEC

it’s been a great visit up home to see my family, a rare opportunity to be here 5 days. I’m liking this kindness from the Lord to give me rest, and especially time together with my family…

Post the Christmas Craze,  we can stop running, we can simply appreciate life without running thru it…  Our Lord is in charge. He can put us EXACTLY where we need to be.

We are gifted loving kindness from the Lord, meaning mercy, therefore naturally we get “liking kindness” from Him too. God Blesses us AND God loves us AND GOD LIKES US TOO.

I’m liking this kindness as opposed to worrying.  We should not fear, but be ready to change when change happens. Meanwhile, we are to appreciate everything.

The Lord is in charge of everything.

Mercy is His gift to give – eternally and on the small scale too…

I am liking His Loving Kindness! I am loving His Liking Kindness too!

Now I kneel me down to pray,

Thankful for another day.

Blessings, mercy, spirit gifts.

Our Loving Lord is Life’s Lift!!!


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