Whose Child? GOD’S CHILD, 08JAN – #795


795 globe


Whose Child? GOD’S CHILD, 08JAN

Such a precious gift from an even more precious dear friend. This sparkle-filled SNOW GLOBE musical box plays “O Holy Night”, in sweet reverence to the birth of our dear Savior, Jesus.

The snow sparkles, the Baby Jesus’s face and hands, All of Him, precious to bring us peace. Look at the marvels of Mary and Joseph.  The caption… wait, um, is it upside down? No, the caption is right side up when we adjust our view. Mary and Joseph and the Heavenly Hosts are reading it: “Unto Us a Child is Born”. At that angle even the angels can see this gift.

And Jesus does look up and see them looking at Him. We can all look up and see all of them now looking down on us. Unto us a Child is Born. This is Jesus for us all.

The world rejoices.

The Word made flesh.

The child is God’s child.

Adjust your view. Look at the angle, top down, to see the best view. God’s child is for you.

We are God’s children too. Look up and see God looking and loving over you. See Jesus came for you. Unto us a child is born.

You are covered by the sparkly Heavens.

You are covered with purifying forgiveness from His LOVE.

You are never alone.

You are made in Him and Him in you.

Unto God, you are His Child.

He loves thru you.


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