You Did It Again Lord, 06JAN – #794


794 do it again


You Did It Again Lord, 06JAN

In God’s AMAZING Ways, He provided EXTREME mental clarity to an issue that I realized is way too complicated for me to figure out – something that I necessarily and repeatedly am called to put into personal mental fasting. Yes, timed with the repeat call to prayer and fasting at my church, thru reading the book of Acts, I renewed prayed for clarity, both last time and this time. Suffice it to say that God showed almost instantly that He wants to hold my back on this particular serious serious issue, which was already out of my hands. For when I tried to set my agenda before His, He woke me up again into clarity… not in judgement, not in joy, not in an answer I wanted, but a guidance I needed…

God’s clarity is powerful enough to knock your socks off or gentle enough to come in a whisper,  but either way it’s there for the asking… and it’s up to us to leave our agendas behind and LISTEN… Don’t expect to get a question always easily answered, but a guidance given.

God will guide us to make realizations. Better to teach a man to think than hand a man a thought…

So to add the icing on the God moment,  I turned on my car tonight and I thought how unbelievable that my blue-toothed phone grabbed “Do it again” from my phone – do it again or instead just God saying “I did it again to you” – but not the praise song,  this was the Kinks song from my iTunes playlist,  I laughed… better yet, the next song was “Better Thing”… classic God… God will answer with His best interest in mind,  I trust Him 100%. I pray to give Him my attention, trust, and obedience… yup… it always requires work to drop my agenda…

The repetition in teaching us is key, we are blinded people,  we are like Peter need multiple opportunities to restate our love, to see prophecy,  to get our acts together,  just like Peter’s vision in Acts…

God knows every hair on our heads, I thank Him for helping me – AGAIN. I pray Him to grow the numbers of kingdom people so they too can understand. ..

Thank God for everything… WHEW!


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