Flow, Grow, Go, 12JAN – #796



Flow, Grow, Go, 12JAN

God’s LOVE and Jesus’s WALK with us is not in an empty vacuum, away from life.

Likewise,  Life is not in an empty (or full) vacuum, away from God’s LOVE.

Jesus is always bringing God LOVE directly to us,  LOVE and LIFE are continuous.

Life may find us in our own little vacuum of just us, or mixed into the vacuum collection of every creature who walks this earth.  It can be very messy.

Jesus jumps right into the vacuum canister with all of us, then if we get separated and lost in the vast cluttered darkness, Jesus will SHINE thru the mess.

We may think we or others have it much messier in a bogged down sin-filled life, but all lives carry original sin and all their other sins too. No sin is little compared to others, and no sin shines out to be more fixable or less fixable than others. All sin is created equal, including the sins of ignorance, selfishness, envy, and a blah bah humbug existence. Sin is sin.

But Saved is Saved. Jesus will cleanse us thru and thru (again and again). Helping us pick up the pieces and allowing us to help Him pick up the pieces of others too. Saveall the pieces – God is cleansing and reassembling them.

Any vacuum cleaner which pulls in messiness will have to have equal air flow out. Can you see God holding the world’s largest Holy Spirit vacuum cleaner? Pulling us in? Our sin-filled souls filtered by Jesus. Leave the trash behind.

We are made whole thru Jesus.

We need to grow, as broken people with broken lives. When brokenness grows, more space separates the broken pieces making more space. More healing love can flow IN to sooth brokenness. More healing love can flow OUT like a flood. God wants us to grow.

Never stop growing in Jesus’s arms.

Never stop healing in flowing floods of love.

Never stop facing and forgiving the world with the loving kindness that is forgiving you.





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