Huddling, 07MAR – #826


826 huddling snowy


Huddling, 07MAR

It’s quiet Saturday morning, just calm inside the house. The wind whips outside but the house and the huddle holds. Home. We are home.

It’s not just quiet and comfy at home, it’s healing in my earthly home. It’s my “Napping House” of the famous childhood story. All my creatures (children, cat, crab) are still asleep, for now… I expect this napping house to awaken soon (well with teenagers, by noon).

I’ve nested for years to provide the best space of peace for my creatures, even the spiders are resting now in the corners of the ceilings… It’s a good gift of peace,  I listen to the peace. Why was I given this peace? So I could LISTEN for the Lord’s plan for me to help Him. I have worked at my peace.

Earthly home peace is no comparison I imagine to the Healing Home of Heaven. The peace I am granted is beyond comprehension – so imagine how peace-filled Heaven must be. Now Jesus, Jesus has worked for ALL peace.

We get REST on occasion to get ready to work on the REST of our lives in the ultimate job the Lord gives us, of sharing the Word. Sharing the Word is the only way to peace for the REST of the world. Jesus, the Word needs to be heard!

It’s temporary rest to huddle and remain at rest on a Saturday morning, it’s a good and best to PLAN FOR THE NEXT MOVE. Momentary huddling in the game of life is needed, EVEN JESUS RETREATED.

We are given time in this huddle to STUDY THE GAME PLAN, to LISTEN what info is being relayed from the Coach, and is to remember to go apply what we have learned.

Huddle to overcome your next hurdle.

Huddle to Hear.

Huddle to HEED what you HEAR.

Jesus is already in the middle of each and every huddle with us, relaying advice, comforting with HOPE. While retreating and resting in the Lord, we can be learning His next action plan for us.

Let us REST up to accomplish the REST of life. The let us LISTEN UP to be LED.

This cat of mine is resting with ONE EYE OPEN.  Her ears are still LISTENING… She doesn’t expect that I will stay still, she is watching my mood and moves and although she would prefer that I don’t disturb her peace, she trusts me to be her keeper. We should trust our Keeper, our God and all His Ways. We should welcome Jesus peace as our destiny, and help with the Holy Spirit as He is actively working and planning our next moments. As we listen to God, God is listening for our calls too, as we ask for more clarifications. He is planning on how to bless us, tuning us up like His instruments of peace.

Huddle to overcome your next hurdle.

Huddle to Hear.

Huddle to HEED what you hear.

Who’s in our earthly huddle when the outside is calm? Jesus

Who’s in our earthly huddle when the outside is turbulent? Jesus

Who’s Spirit is inside us to calm? The Lord’s.

Who’s ready to take on the world? Jesus !!! Oh, He already did and won.

Oh yes, Jesus already overcame the world – now His game plan is to finish the race and bring us all HOME.

Be Huddled 

Be Home 

Be Heeding Him

Be His



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