827 deal Jesus doll



When getting nervous about so many unknown situations in life, especially current worldwide known fears, we as people of faith have to put our trust in Jesus. We have to remember we are saved thru Him, in life and in death, either way. We are to look to Jesus as our Lord. Then we can get on with the work set before us… it’s sticky situations like these in which we are taught to try not to panic, and yet we are TOTALLY human, but it is EXACTLY times like these which JESUS WANTS TO HANDLE and give us Peace… He wants to calm us down… He wants our trust that we will look to Him for mental peace in order to mentally prepare for all realities…  He does comfort us to calm the hype we might self-generate or hype that’s thrust upon us, and also realize the gravity without flying off… JESUS allows us as servants to Our Father to put our issues into perspective. Jesus wants us to be level headed in all. He himself saw much, He had to focus on His own mission. So do we.

This plush Jesus doll of mine has his hand stretched out – as if he is reaching to shake our hands in agreement as if he is saying: “DEAL?“…  “Do you trust me to take care of you? To take care of this situation? Will you remember that you have a job to continue to do for me?”… “Trust me and let us shake on it. ”

As people of faith,  we must agree,  we must accept that handshake and say: “Yes Jesus, Deal. It’s a Deal.”

“Yes Jesus,  I put my trust in You. I will depend upon You thru the Holy Spirit to use me, to move me. I trust You.”

We are to live in the moment – all while preparing for the future – and not fearing life.

We are to read signs of the times and interpret the actions we can make. The truth is that people need the comfort of Jesus right nowSHARED THRU US – and we are to agree to show our calmness because of Him.

Remember, we did not choose Him, He chose us to go out and bear fruit (John 15).

Deal, Jesus. Deal.


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