It is Well, It is Unsettling, with My Soul, 04MAR – #825


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It is Well, It is Unsettling, with My Soul, 04MAR

Many times I ask the Lord: “Why am I actually here, at this moment, in this place?”  Always the best answer is when the Lord says: “Because I AM HERE!”

I have the honor of singing the Lord’s praises in a church where you could say that how I got there was a fluke. Through it all, I still ask the Lord: why am I here? He answers “BECAUSE I AM HERE”… (and because I gave you time and an excellent car for driving.)

Thank you Lord, Your guidance helps me be more well with my soul.

I have met a wonderful woman named Lois Swenson, she exemplifies a pastor’s wife above all other pastor’s wives that I have met. She lives and breathes her faith. Most do, but there is a fire and peace that exudes… especially since I am blessed to see her encouragement to me as she sings along with us from her pew. Not that I had any doubt in her faith but reading her book of recollections “Steeple and Street Stories” of her and her now late husband “the Rev”, Jon Swenson. I know that I am here to hear her stories… and share how they touch me…

“It is Well with My Soul” – I had the privilege of singing that lyric this Sunday, part of a poem the author wrote about visiting the shipwrecked location where he lost loved ones… “It is Well” is a new song that includes that old lyric, which is important to sing for your witness of others and sing it for yourself, because of witnessing others who have been healed and are healing… I sang it in honor of the Spirit in Lois, having read her book chapter account of the short life of her beautiful baby boy Keith, with whom they shared four months of life and faith learning before his medical issues overtook him, I am reminded to witness her wellness of soul. One book passage states that they were comforted by knowing that the Lord is always present with their son and the Lord is always present with them. In life and death, the Lord is there. “The Rev” Jon told Lois that he realized that the Lord loved baby Keith to a level even more than he could love as an earthly father, and he loved him immensely. Therefore to put the trust in the Lord for Keith’s care. In addition, the book recounts of how they had to really trust the Lord for they were serving in a church in the middle of a Philly neighborhood riot in the 70’s.

It must be well in Lois’ soul because of the Lord. It IS the Lord who settles souls and the dust around them…

It is a bit unsettled with my soul in reflection, because this baby would be my EXACT same age, born about 1 month before me. It is unsettled work to settle as I look in my soul and as I pray to be the person whom the Lord made me and gave me an opportunity to be, for 50 years on this earth. My cousin also born with Down syndrome the day after me has also had 50 years…. My cousin Jeff’s down syndrome was not as severe, with complications of heart abnormalities, as little Keith.  It is a blessing to see that Jeff has always been an opportunist in life, like me. We are all to make the most of life. Why? BECAUSE THE LORD IS HERE.

By grace, Lord has us in His sights before we are born. He has us in forgiveness before we sin. He has us forever if we realize His gift of Jesus. He wants to settle the unsettled, hush the dust, harbor us in hope. Heal us. Hold us.

To be well with my soul, I must go through a phase of being unsettled with my soul, so that I know what it means to be settled by the Lord, so that I know what it means to be led by the Lord, so that I know what it means to be blessed through thick and thin.

While we are here, the Lord’s love must pour thru us as we see the love pouring out of others… our job is to be filling up our own wells of souls with His love to go out and share… to keep moving forward, always sharing His story in us.

I thank God for Lois Swenson’s witness of Jesus’s love,  captured like living water in her well. A well that she shares… a well that is replenished…

Because the Lord is HERE.

We should all be here to hear.


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