Who is Your Plus One? 25APR – #853



Who is Your Plus One? 25APR

It’s Christmas in April !!! 4/25 – do we remember that Christmas day when the world got a plus one of a little baby? Jesus came in most vulnerable human form. He stepped off the throne to venture down to us.

When we are re-emerging after/during this Covid19 situation, we will have to figure out venturing back into society and whom will we see or hug first. Our parents? Our children? Our Amazon delivery driver? Our choice… Whom would we risk ourselves for in order to share our love… who is our “plus one?… And whom will risk their health for being with us?

Hmmm…. Christmas in April, is like everyday,  I know who would venture and risk themselves for us…


Jesus Christ was called to take it upon Himself to seek each of us as His one. His “plus one” is each one… He sacrificed His skin for our sins. He’s the One and only One to bring us to God.

Plus One… Jesus wants us.

I want to feel the Lord’s love over all human love, I know that His comfort is like no other. I want everyone to know Him.  He wants everyone to know His voice and His Love and His comfort… He lived to be known.

Cast your anxiety away to accept the hug of His Hope.

Live. LOVE. Listen. Learn. Live.


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