Give it up to the Holy Ghost, 26JUN – #884


#884, 26JUN

Give it up to the Holy Ghost

Have you ever had such fear, such anxiety that you were very crippled? But you kept trying your best to be walking with the Lord? Knowingly or unknowingly, surely He carried you!

How does Holy Spirit refocusing us save our day? We must “Give it up for The Holy Ghost!”  Giving up problems, big problems, little problems, all problems, to the Holy Spirit means TRUSTING, it means you are remembering you are not yours but His.

Regardless of issues, and everything is relative, I’ve been to a place where I was gripped with the worst fear, where all I could do was pray (which is the best thing to do in any situation). I have had my wind was knocked out of me so fully, that my air life-support MUST have been from Him as it is only His to give. To have no breath of my own I had to to keep breathing the Spirit of Hope. In this place the Lord stayed near and all I could say was He was in charge. Actually that is the best way, His way, it is a saving grace way. I also realized He’s much better at handling me than me. He showed me what was good and praise-worthy. I watched Him pull my brain back after I let my brain run away in fear, where the demons were egging each other on… Oh Lord, I cried out to You and then I KNEW EXACTLY the moment where the demon attack left me like a snap of fingers, a rush of wind whipping me back to me. I knew, I know, I’ve not forgotten that moment, after soul-searching, scorching pain, suffering, I was rescued to pray another day… and with that SNAP, with a flip of a switch, the devil stood down.  I give it all up to the Holy Ghost.

The devil stood down.


When? When I stopped focusing on me.

WHEN I STOPPED WORRYING ABOUT ME and focused on another!

When I lived in the moment, HIS MOMENT, and not in my perceived future. The present is a present for us to open.

THE DEVIL DROPPED HIS ATTACK LIKE A HOT POTATO BECAUSE I STAYED ON FIRE FOR THE LORD AND I GOT PASSED MY OWN ISSUES. When my soul sought to help encourage another person, I was returned to me.

Will the attack linger, yes like hot coals still being unearthed in places, but they will grow colder every day. Time heals but any inkling that the devil gets hint of where you are weak, he will try. The best defense? Tell the devil that even when I am weak, the Lord is STRONG!!!!

How did I keep moving? I never lost Hope. I never hoped more in the power of the Lord to protect me, forgive my humanness.  I KNEW I was never dropped out from grace. I knew my place in the heavens was secured because I was and am placed there in advance by His saving Grace. I was taken, netted, by Jesus and taken care of by Him. Kingdom captured, Jesus NEVER lets us go.

Jesus will NEVER let you go.

Whoosh, how would I have known this was an attack unless I was rescued. I knew, I know, and now I need to share not the attack but the RESCUE.  When we say: “Jesus, I’m facing an incident. I NEED YOU!”,  JESUS FOLLOWS THRU.

How did the Holy Spirit make a difference? By reaching me, teaching me, in advance. Mostly by showing me where I needed to grow and how I grew. When I said “I’m sorry Lord, but I learned, I grew” my tears rolled back in.

God wins. If the balance is off in your life, it’s not our scales to tip, it is not the devils to dip into. It is the LORD who weighs all, forgives all, sees all, knows all.

All in All, He will NEVER let us down.

Keep praying for He has ALREADY won the battle.








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