Does God Make a Difference? 01DEC – #991


I heard the news report about the weather, such terrible storms rolled through!!!  And the newscaster told of a roof HVAC system that is now in the middle of a parking lot. “But was it a tornado?”  Isn’t it interesting that we always ask that question!!!

I am a weather junkie, and I do care – BUT a tornado diagnosis vs straight line winds makes NO DIFFERENCE to the HVAC system or the people affected. The weather did make a difference whether it was which weather or what. 

Does God make a difference? 

Does it matter our perception or not?

Well, yes, of course He makes a difference whether you or anyone thinks He does or not. See, God makes the difference, the equals, the quotient and the sum. God multiplies and divides. God adds it all up in one lump sum because He never DIDN’T make everything. He always had everything. He then SHARED everything. We are made from His discernment. We ARE the dust in HIS Tracks.

So, the splitting of hairs on semantics is not of importance in the long run with weather or even with descriptions. But what IS important to how we live and feel about life is how we perceive God. If we see God only as a force of nature that is different and incomplete than seeing God as Creator of nature (which He Is). And it goes much more personal than that. If we see God as making a difference in our lives, we will look for Him more and more. And then we will realize He was there always, we just didn’t notice. And better yet, we won’t ask Him to lead as much as we will ask Him: HOW CAN I BETTER FOLLOW?

God has always been making our dust particles into someone making a difference for Him. He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the coming of our Lord Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

Perhaps the better question to ask is: how can I see the answer that You have already written on my heart: Let me see what you have made me to be: Yours.

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