Invisible communities – Prayers for protection, 30NOV- #990


I was thinking about Luke, the doctor in the bible, who identified with and told the stories of some of the invisible people from history: including the women, the shepherds, the slaves, and how they all “got Jesus” when they were in direct interactions with Him… The servants and the hidden folks…  God sees them, Jesus knows them, and they are willing to be known to Him.

With Covid these days, it is the nursing homes that are both the hardest hit and the hardest to keep safe from viral spread… It has always been a shame that the nursing home folks are kinda invisible to the world in a normal day – let alone these days… My grandmother was in a home for over 10 years in the 70’s and 80’s – I helped sing at the communion services in nursing homes here – the people are wonderful, the staff do the best they can – but they are coldspots of warm visitations… there were never enough visitors…  Now there are practically none. Sad.

My isolated hometown had so few deaths pretty much this whole time and now a nursing home there became a hotspot with 52 cases, 3 deaths in one week… my prayers for all… With advancements in testing, it’s hopeful that somehow a hedge of protection will be possible to contain everything and regain control as we are in a spiral of non-containment right now. Yes, it is going to be tough…

My work sent a note about something that could happen to any workforce – putting the same critical people in a room together without taking enough precautions. They used the example of the Denver Broncos having to play a game without a starting QB as one of their QBs tested positive for Covid during the week and the other three QBs on the roster had been in a film room session with him and didn’t follow protocols like mask wearing, so they were not allowed to play due to contact. They said in the article below that they thought being forced to still field a team with no quarterback meant they were being used as an example… well, whether they were used as an example or not is irrelevant to them being an example (and they lost the game) – a reminder to not put all your eggs in one basket, or your good eggs at least…yup…  That is a visible result from an invisible issue.  here’s that article:

The last article I read today, related to all this, was about the South Dakota American Indian reservations – that they were putting in more strict rules for people who visited or crossed their lands, than the state wanted them too… it is hard to protect people when there are invisible communities… the Native Americans have always felt invisible…

I don’t know where we are going to end up in the fight of covid before the vaccinations take place – I don’t know how invisible people can become visible – but I do know that the Lord knows them all… I pray the visible parts of our society catch on to help those less visible.  I do know that the Lord has ALL the power to make Himself known to all – but He will do that one person at a time.

I am comforted to know that the Lord has not stopped being present with the forgotten folks – they are first on His visitation list.

A thoughtful Amen…

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