Better Than OK, In Jesus We Will Be Alright, 05DEC – #996


Pulling on my favorite jeans, clean and WARM from the dryer – ahhh… They slip on tight and feel alright.

Isn’t that just like the Lord to make things seem and feel better? Better than OK. Better than alright.

Sure it was cold and is cold outside, BUT let’s not be blue, let’s stay OK knowing that the Lord stays with us, He IS forever and true. He IS our Light.

Slip on warm jeans, oh it gets better than that: let the Lord slip into, over and thru you, warming our hearts and hopes. Isn’t that better, better than OK for you? It is now alright.

Sipping a cup of tea. Slipping my hands around the warm cup – my Jesus and me – His Hands hold us to a T – how blessed to know that in Him, we are free. Slipping deeper into my favorite sweater – watching the world go by (wrong or right)… The world may look a fright, however, in HIM, life and we will be alright.

Yes, the world aches, creation groans and we don’t always get things right. But the Lord keeps working day and night. It will take time to weed out the worries, it will take work to keep sharing His news of glories. It’s not always going to be pleasant – not always going to be an easy sight. Yet we can be sure for everything we endure, He will help light the Light.

So, it WILL be OK. Today, it will be OK. Same tonight. 

Tomorrow we will worry about tomorrow on another day – remember that each day has it’s own light. 

Isn’t that just like the Lord to make things better? To right the right?

Better than OK, the Lord will light the light, today, tomorrow and tonight.


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