Closer to Our Star: Jesus. 07DEC – #997


I love watching the planets Jupiter and Saturn as they inch closer and closer to each other each night and will become a star pair just before Christmas… This will be the visually closest that they come together for like hundreds of years… they don’t change brightness on each other but together they may look that way.

We too are inching closer to Christmas, so will our brightness and joy amplify?  We may not think we are ready for Christmas, but Christmas is ready for us. There IS One who makes us brighter, wiser, and more at peace. Our Prince of Peace, Christ is revealed and ALREADY ready and ALWAYS bright… He never stopped being with us, but since the Christmas spirit captures and softens our hearts, we want to meet Him fresh. 

Then we may foster that freshness for others and plant the seeds of growing faith.

Honestly, don’t you feel we NEED to think about Christmas more than ever this year? Not the presents but the presence.

Perhaps we need to explain Christmas in terms of how it gives us peace. We can show that we love and are even MORE relying on God this year for Christmas Hope.  Yes, we need to remember that Jesus came into the world with a very tough mission, with a very important mission, with a mission only He could fulfill. He made a Way where there was no way. The stars aligned to announce the Way, the angels sang to celebrate the Way, we are called to be reminders OF THE WAY. Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

As Christmas approaches, my prayer is that your star(dust) inches closer to the star (of the morning) Jesus. 

Morning Star – keep my heart.

Be at peace.

Share the peace. 

Shine the Love.

Love the Lord, He IS the ONLY Way…


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