Pull Thru, 02APR – #1122


This has been a strange year, both we have worked differently and processed differently… and time slowed down and also seems to have passed quickly. 

God doesn’t change, but time flies.

So, I was listening to a Good Friday service online just now. The description of the arrest of Jesus jogged my memory of a sermon that my old pastor gave on a Holy Thursday few years back… He spoke of the uneasy feeling that Jesus’s disciples had to endure from late Thursday night to Sunday morning. That time must have been so disconcerting, an unknown of not knowing if Jesus would be freed, and then later when He was killed,  having that unknown feeling to not know where to go or how to avoid capture and death too. Many still had devotion and some had doubt,  but all could not understood or envision Jesus rising again.   They had no idea about Easter… they were stuck.

We are NOT stuck even if we do sometimes feel that way. We know Easter. We know Jesus rose and rises up. Our uneasiness draws us closer to Him too.  But oh yes, how this year especially made us ALL think in discouraged ways sometimes.  We don’t always see clear that everything is going to be OK. But it will eventually. Painful?  Yes. Weird? Yes. But eternally we will be OK.

Our doubts bring His truth clearer.

Our doubts make Jesus come close enough to us so we can touch or see into His wounds.  And our blessings are seeing out the other side of His wounds. We can not avoid pain, Jesus couldn’t avoid pain, but we ALL now look see thru the pain to look at Glory to come. 

Later when the disciples learned that Jesus lived (Hallelujah!), that still meant all their devotion would STILL bring many TROUBLES with authorities or trouble with their families and friends… and yet, they knew nothing but devotion to Jesus. They kept looking forward. 

What a gift we have knowing how it ends, but what an uneasy place to be, peering at the world thru the wounds of Jesus…

We do know this arrival of Easter, and Spring, and warmer days gifts us the chance to get moving, and time to thaw… I pray us all continued pulling thru all the challenges. 

Happy Easter, knowing that it comes soon after our Good Friday…

JOY soon… 

Time flies!!!


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