JESUS IS the Book that Gives us Life. 24JAN – #1378




Jesus HIMSELF IS the KING – When He returns, we will see the restoration of the Kingdom.


Walk the Way of reading in the New Testament and know that each page and each story of Jesus is tied to the stories, the predictions and the pages of the Old Testament – REALLY !!!

Yes there are gems of stories – and remember that the Old Testament points to Jesus – these are not just stories but pages of the Word, Jesus Himself.

The front of the book, the New Testament, would not exist if the pages were not attached to the back of the book – unfold the book and see they are whole pieces of paper – just sewn in the middle to give it that fold.

Old and New go together – pages that can NOT exist without each other.

Jesus didn’t just close the book on death – He opened the Book to Life.

We are part of Jesus’s fold – His People.

Jesus covers us in His cover of blood.

The pages are Jesus – the Word is Jesus – the seam in the middle has sewn Jesus into our hearts – into our souls.

The cover of the Book is the Blood of Jesus – that opening of the Book is the pure white pages of forgiveness – justified sanctified saints because of what is written and what is read. We are IN Jesus’s Book – let us walk in the Way of Him.

Read HIS Bible – HIS Word – Read His Love into Your Life.

Check out His Book and don’t put it back into the book return – Hold onto HIM until HE returns. 


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